10 Health Benefits of Pears Fruit

The Pears tree is a common plant in Nyandarua county. I recently visited areas in Mirangine, Kinangop, Kipipiri, and Oljororok – To my surprise, almost every home has a pear tree.

However, after interviewing a few people – I learned that the pear tree is facing extinction because of its valuable charcoal and the poor market price for the pear fruit which grows once a year in March/April.

10 Health Benefits of Pears Fruit.

There are a variety of pear fruits grown globally. Some of the most popular of the 100 types of pear include; Bosc, Bartlett, and D’Anjou pears.

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1. Nutritional Value

Notable nutrients:

16% Copper, 4% Potassium, 6% Vitamin K, and 12% Vitamin C of Daily Value (DV).

6g Fiber, 27g Carbs, 1g Protein, and 101 Calories.

2. Helps with gut health.

3. Have compounds that may strengthen blood vessels and heart health.

4. Have anti-inflammatory specs.

5. Have anticancer effects

6. Lowers the risk of diabetes.

7. Helps lose weight.

8. Helps with diet.

6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Pears. Courtesy of Foods4Health

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