10 Websites To Make Money As A Freelancer

Freelancer work has many advantages: you can work wherever you want, you make your own rules, you don’t have to worry about little office politics, less stress, and you can spend more money with your friends and your family. However, not having a permanent job means that you will live a nomadic life, moving from project to project and constantly looking for new employers. Like an online ronin, a warrior without borders, who roams a virtual wasteland. Well, there are places where you can look for great freelance opportunities, so don’t despair. Check out these 10 freelance platforms.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best sites for finding freelance work of any kind. Programmers, designers, writers, IT professionals, translators, lawyers, financial advisers – everyone is welcome and there is plenty to do. You can set up a profile fairly quickly and charge by the hour, or set a price per item and your rating based on your performance.

2. Freelancer

It has been around since 2004 and has a large following. This is a place to outsource freelancers in a variety of fields including web design, copywriting, marketing, and data entry, to name a few.


3. Guru

Guru.com is a major network connecting businesses and freelancers. As stated on the website, they are interested in working on “technical, creative or commercial projects”. So there are plenty of opportunities for freelancers of all types, from programming staff and game developers to translators, engineers, and lawyers.


4. iFreelance

iFreelance is an extensive network of freelancers in fields such as photography, videography, marketing, traditional arts, writing, translation, architecture, engineering, graphic design, accounting, and administrative support. It’s easy to create an account and start finding projects to contribute to.


5. People per Hour

Create engaging profiles, find jobs, submit tips, and create short videos to promote your services. With PeoplePerHour.com, it’s easy: you can find customers, provide great service, and get reviews.


6. Tuts Plus Jobs

It’s a great job site for programmers, designers, and developers, as well as writers and editors. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly find and apply for jobs that best match your specific skills.

Tuts Plus Jobs

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7. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a great job site for talented writers that makes it easy to find the right writing opportunity. Simply click on the desired job posting and follow the instructions.

problogger article

8. Freelance Writing Gigs

A great site for all the writers out there. Posting an ad will cost you around $10, but it will give you the opportunity to show off your writing skills and make the content available to people who are willing to put in the effort for you. You can also contribute to your blog and gain exposure by linking to your blog/website and social media accounts.

freelance writing jobs

9. SmashingJobs

It’s a paradise for designers and programmers, with plenty of freelance and full-time job opportunities. The site has a very clean and neat design for quick navigation and efficient job search.

Smashing jobs

10. Fiverr

Sell ​​your services from $5, that’s the currency and that’s fair enough. Basically, you can gift anything you can imagine: writing and performing poetry, creating DIY projects or promotional videos, and more. Some of the main categories are writing and translation, online marketing, video and animation, music, programming, and graphic design.

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