One would not cease to marvel at the colonial structures dating back to 1920s , having known of only the modern architectural designs. As you look at these homes, a chill runs down your body from hair to toe as your brain goes back one hundred calendars from now. You are filled with imagination and a thousand thoughts run across your brain as you ponder on who built this house, where was the cement and mortar but more to this is that you are left wondering if the initial owner of this house had denied us freedom. Nonetheless, the curious human nature doesn’t leave clear your conscious until I list some of the white settlers who lived in Nyandarua County back then and among them is, English aristocrats (settlers) like Idiana Sackville, lord Errol, Morgan Glenville.  A unique place to pay visit is the unique ‘’HAPPY VALLEY’’ at Wanjohi which have had even some buildings in the region named happy valley. In this valley, settlers had their leisure tied  here. They would take alcohol, take drugs, have rampant sex among others. The happy valley even inspired the book named “Whites Mischief” directed by Michael Radford. Some of the houses here are well maintained and revamped,  while others still lay as was back then, with overgrown grass, broken window panes and green roofs with algae but however they are still a site to behold. The county Would raise revenue if this goldmines are exploited. There are plans by our Governor Honorable Francis Kimemia to Invest several millions to add value to the place among others.

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