At around 1900 hours the 23rd of November 2018, a campaign dubbed “THE CONVERSATION FORUM” (KENYA) made a stop over at Ol-kalou town next to Total petrol station. Their mandate being seeking to give the residents of Ol-kalou a plattform to air their grievances and opinion on the national and county governments administration. Among those on board was Njogu wa Njoroge who promised to take the expressions that would be raised to their rightful recipient, and the legendary Kikuyu singer John Njagi who did not dissapoint the crowd that had gathered with what he does best leaving the crowd wanting more of his live perfomance.The crowd however expressed insatisfactory remarks on the national/county government rulling siting that they dont get enought acknowlegement from the national government and they honestly feel left out considering that Nyandarua County was the leading in casting of votes for his Excellency president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta in the recently completed 2017-2018 elections. While asked for their on the electral positions of the Governor,senator, member of national parliament,women rep and MCA, they proposed that some of this positions gets done away with for they were causing a big financial burden to the common mwananchi “Wanjiku” .Ol-kalou residents also raised the idea that the county government set aside a kitty for the disabled and orphans in the region for their upkeep. Those are some of the issues that were pointed out.

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