The long awaited  tarmacking of the Nakuru-Ndundori-Oljororok road is at its final stage of completion. This brings with it a  basket of opportunities for investors along the way and towns. Some of this include direct employment for the youth of the region, setting up of roadside shops ranging from stalls to high life end hotels,bars and restaurant. One would not seaze to marvel at the change in Serenity as the road winds uphill from Lanet region to Gwakiongo shopping center. The cool breeze as you rave the engine of a Toyota shark uphill listening to “The Gambler by Kenny Rodgers”, is like that of the ocean breeze.Pure with no contamination whatsoever sifting from the indeginious Ndundori Forest.It is a Full site of nature at its best.However, the people along this Road have been witnessing grisly road accidents where on one instance early January claimed the lives of seven people at once, and theft has been on the rise as well. What is eating them up is the overloaded lorries which are cracking and tearing the road apart.Leaders from this region have on different occasions sited that they would enact measures to regulate this but to no avail.That is politics as usual.Our cry is if nothing is done, we will go back to the same old days where roads got impassable whether sunny or rainy.We need leaders who will stand and echo this sentiments collected from the very people who elected them.

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