Step by Step Process to calculate your 2018 cluster and revise your courses for 2018/2019

Below is the processes:

The following formula is used to calculate the weighted cluster point:

Where: w = Weighted Cluster Point

c = Raw Cluster Point

a = Aggregate Cluster Point To get the weighted cluster points, you need to 1) determine: Sum of the Performance index of all the relevant cluster subjects for the candidate.

(r) Sum of the maximum performance index of the relevant cluster subjects used.

(m) Sum of the performance index of the 7 required subjects for the candidate.

(api) Sum of the maximum subject performance index of the 7 candidates subjects.

(spi) Please note that this might not be the same formula applied to arrive at the weighted cluster points for KCSE 2014 candidates, however, it gives an idea of how the weighted cluster method affects one’s qualification for a given course.

Assuming the students Score is as follows:

A. from the course requirement of subjects use the table below to guide you in picking your subjects. (PICK YOUR BEST PERFOMED SUBJECT IN ANY GROUP UNLESS IT IS STRICTLY SPECIFIED TO USE A GIVEN SUBJECT)

B. Below is atable of the grade and the points that each grade represents: eg if you scored an A you have 12 points, if you scored a B you have 9 points etc.

C. assuming you took a course that requires maths,physics,chem, and business and you perfomed as shown below in the selected subjects.

D. Determine the : r, m, api & spi E.

Calculate the weighted Cluster Points (w)

KUCCPS has provided an online assistance which helps candidates calculate after  logging into the kuccps websit. 

Read more at:

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