Zipporah Kigotho hails from Kiganjo village in Ol Kalou,Nyandarua County. Her`s is a journey of inspiration, determination but moreso perusing her passion of being a designer. She is a student at The Mathenge Technical Institute. She is currently at her second year. Unlike most of other students, She doesn’t bother her parents with the issues of school fees.

  She makes flowers from bottles and thread. Back at her parents’ home, she has a heap of collected bottles ,threads, scissors, glue among other paraphernalia for the job.   

 “When in college, I have no time for outings or merrymaking; I spend my free time after classwork and doing assignments to design the flowers.

The desire to make interior décors started Zipporah was still a young girl at Kiganjo Primary School when she collected pieces of paper or threads to make small flowers.

‘’She started making small flowers out of papers and threads at a tender age back then when she schooled at Kiganjo Primary.

Her dream came true after several sessions on YouTube and volunteered to work in an interior décor company.

Her main customers are shops selling furniture, individuals and institutions in need of beautifying their offices in a unique way.

The cost of production per flower is Sh100 which she sells at between Sh400 and Sh450 depending on design and customer ability.

“I use one thread bought at Sh100 to design two flowers, her biggest cost is on the labor she invests and material (rope) and glue which she rarely uses. She says to thrive and stay competitive, one must understand basic art principles like color blocking and matching which is mostly gained from interacting with customers. “Over time, you will know what they like”

Her main customers are salonists, carpenters who make glass tables and the general public. Having incurred a cost of 100shillings, she sells the flowers at 400 to 450 shillings. On an average, she sells 10 flowers making between 4000 to 4500 shillings a day, which she uses to pay her school fees and meet her daily needs.

She intends to start a design shop and expand her business but that hasn’t been easy due to lack of funds. She plans on getting a job which will her gather capital to take the venture.

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