Nyandarua News was founded in the year 2018. It was a seed born out of a coalition of like minded members who had the vision of a greater Nyandarua and its people. It went through thorough, rigorous and consultative meetings to polish what the founder members had in mind and to also accommodate other ideas from the general public on their will and agendas that they wanted addressed.

Thereafter, the committee appointed a board that would spearhead the outlined objectives of the then-established Nyandarua News ( A product of *** Digital Marketing Agency).

Among the objectives were to put Nyandarua county which had a foggy reputation on the digital front and expose the unharnessed potential in the limelight.

Nyandarua News also had a vision of creating jobs for its then highly unemployed population by advertising jobs closer to what they would feel from one of their own birthings.It also sought to open wider markets for its hailed agricultural potential and especially milk, potatoes, cabbages among others, and on the same to educate its people on better methods of farming in conjunction with the county government and other partners and organizations willing to partner with us.

Nyandarua News has since grown and currently has 5 – 10 Authors. We also train the youth on digital ways of earning an income in ways such as, online writing jobs, forex trading, transcription, opening and managing online accounts.

We are also looking forward to exploiting Nyandarua`s tourism potential by marketing our glorious and magnificent tourist sites which include but not limited to, Thompson falls, Lake Ol Bolosat, Aberdare ranges and many others. Nyandarua news would also wish to welcome members with such intentions and editors of the same onboard.

We also offer opportunities to advertise with us on private, group and corporate events and services to improve on business performance and customer reach.

We also reach out to unknown talents within Nyandarua county and beyond to offer a platform where one can showcase their abilities, discoveries and ideas to the county, country and indeed the world at large.

Nyandarua News also offers Digital marketing services listed on the services section via our Digital Marketing Agency. We also conduct verified opinion polls ranging from customer satisfaction, product rating and reviews, political stands, government abilities etc.

Thank You.

For more information, visit us at www.nyandaruanews.co.ke or contact us through info@nyandaruanews.co.ke