Big Shock For UDA Party As Kimani Ngunjiri Endorses Lee In Favor Of Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika, who is aiming to unseat Lee Kinyanjui, has been spooked by Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri‘s outspoken backing Lee kinyanjui.

The political arena in Nakuru is getting hotter now and then as we near the general elections. The position of the governor which seems to be the hot seat has attracted two rivals. Lee and Susa Kihika are the two competitors which leaves the seat to be a two horse race.

Susan during a rally which she had held promised to ensure that the Bahati MP is defeated.

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“Ati yule jamaa wa Bahati amesema nini leo? Kama maneno iko hivyo na mimi ninasema watu wangu wa Bahati roundi hii tucheze kama sisi, kwani iko nini. Waende home na Governor Kinyanjui” Susan’s Post read.

Mr Ngunjiri, a major supporter of Deputy President William Ruto, brazenly drummed up support for Mr Kinyanjui on Wednesday. This was during Madaraka Day celebrations in Kiamaina, Bahati constituency.

“I’d want to encourage Bahati locals to vote carefully in the upcoming General Election. “Jibu ni Lee in Nakuru County and jibu ni Ngunjiri in Bahati,” Bahati MP said.

The political situation has exacerbated tensions between DP Ruto’s two partners. They have avoided each other in recent months. Even when Dr Ruto visited local political rallies in Nakuru.

Mr Ngunjiri,  has been absent from two Kenya Kwanza political rallies in Nakuru in the last two weeks, raising suspicions. Mr Ngunjiri was noticeably absent from Kenya Kwanza’s Nakuru County Economic Bloc Forum, which was hosted at the Rift Valley Sports Club last week.

His absence was questioned by several Nakuru leaders and people, but political commentators related it to the supremacy conflicts with Senator Kihika. Despite Mr Ngunjiri’s denials that he skipped the events due to Senator Kihika’s presence. According to a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party insider, the two have been avoiding attending rallies together due to their feud. For a long time, Mr Ngunjiri and Senator Kihika have been in a power struggle over control of UDA.

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