CSs Surprises President Uhuru At State House, Who Bid Him Farewell

After making an unannounced visit to State House in Nairobi to bid President Uhuru Kenyatta farewell on his last national holiday in office, CSs Surprises President Uhuru.

In a video obtained by a media house, Uhuru came onto the State House grounds to discover CSs lined up and singing in his honour.

The President could be heard wondering what the event was all about in the background, requiring his communication team to quickly tell him.

“What the hell is going on here?” “What should I do or say?” Uhuru inquired nicely.

“Your Excellency, this is a brief ceremony to honour you. The CSs are here to hear what you have to say. Before the microphone was turned off, one of his communication officials said, “You can say a few words, thank them and the nation, then someone can say a word of prayer.”

The President expressed gratitude to his CSs for sticking by him and trying to ensure his legacy.

“This one (surprise) appears to be different from the others I’ve seen before.

Anyway, I’d like to express my gratitude. The 59th Madaraka Day event is fantastic. With this being my final Madaraka as President, we are looking forward to a fantastic day.

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“I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. We’ve collaborated before, and it’s been a pleasure and an honour,” Uhuru said.

He also stated that he would step down and give over power to the incoming administration, wishing them well.

“I am convinced that we have set a solid foundation for those who will come after us to continue building a bigger, brighter, and wealthier Kenya.”

Uhuru prayed, “God bless you and God bless Kenya.”

Before Uhuru greeted all the CSs and thanked them for their service, Attorney General Paul Kihara Kariuki performed a short prayer.

He then proceeded to Uhuru Gardens, where he will lead the nation in honouring Madaraka Day.


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