Dr. Hamisi Nairobi Doctor Encourages Walking Barefoot To Reduce Chronic Diseases

Dr. Hamisi Kote Ali, a chiropractor who specializes in Fascial Manipulation and is known as the “barefoot doctor,” believes that walking improves your health.

Dr. Hamisi chose the barefoot lifestyle two years ago, and he recommends people to discover places where they are comfortable walking barefoot.

“A lot of people think I’m weird upstairs because I have approximately 40 pairs of shoes I never wear.” Walking barefoot has numerous advantages. People do a lot of things to get healthy, but they overlook the importance of having a direct connection to the earth,” he said.

Humans first developed to walk upright roughly four to six million years ago. Wearing shoes, according to the medical specialist who dislikes them, has major health ramifications.

He claims that going on barefoot improves your body’s functionality.

“Walking barefoot has an impact on your bone, metabolism, and hormones.” Those who do not wear shoes have less calcium in their urine than those who do,” he explained.

Walking barefoot, he claims, links one to mother nature, which recharges one’s body.

“Our bodies are so full of electrolytes that putting our feet on the earth feels like recharging them. We all walk around with a lot of inflammation, but if you put your feet on the ground, touch dirt, and play with dirt, most of your chronic pains and illnesses will go away “he stated

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“Walking barefoot for days reduces glucose levels, lowers blood pressure, and allows blood to circulate freely throughout the body.” “This therapy is especially beneficial for people who are in a lot of pain,” he continued.

Dr. Hamisi said that walking barefoot does not always put him at risk of injury.

“I walk more cautiously than most people, paying attention to where I step; on the other hand, when you wear shoes, you wander aimlessly most of the time.” “Your body becomes quite attentive of the environment over time,” he explained.

He claims that his healing hands have treated advanced cancer and that he has unwavering faith in his ability to heal using his non-medicinal method. His facility, in addition, does not manage the signs.

“I see a wide range of patients; the oldest is 100 years old, and the youngest is 3 months.” Some of the people who come here have neurological issues, cerebral palsy, or even cancer. Then there are those who have come here because they have a pain problem; here, we correct the body’s malfunction rather than just managing the symptoms,” he explained.

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