How Long Have You Been in the Hand-to-Mouth Cycle?

Some people may not relate to this topic. But if you’ve started life from scratch you understand the phrase ‘hand to mouth’.

Guys let’s talk about the rare subject of lacking money. Or should we discuss this situation: receiving money and all you know is after a few days you are back to $0.00.

This cycle feels like poverty is part and parcel of you and it can be stressful, leaving you on the verge of giving up.

But wait a minute: can we break this cycle?

What if there was a way of coming out of this system?

Yesterday in the evening I decided to trace where I had spent my cash. To my surprise, I realized I had used so much cash on buying daily bundles and airtime. Of course, my phone is only limited to one dealer so I can’t access other dealers’ incredible offers.

The shock did not end there, I also noticed that my mobile transactions were eating into my cash. But what about those things that seem so necessary but when you are back to zero you realize someone else could have chipped in.

Yes, I’m talking about that close person who is already getting help from a relative. But since you feel they do not care for enough you go right ahead with the only 2000/= remaining to ‘love’ them.

Mind you, that money was for your food maybe for the next few days or so before you get paid. After you get back to your house, that’s when reality hits you; the tokens give you a warning, your cooking oil can goes dry, and the last toilet paper roll piece falls on the floor.

At this point, you start getting stressed and can’t figure out what to do next. If you’ve been going through this, you know how exhausting it can be.

Do you want out?

If yes, let’s meet in the next piece next week!

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