Kenyan Musicians Need Some Love.

The famous Kenyan musician Avril whose real name is Judith Nyambura Mwangi has hit the headlines lately.

 Most of us know Avril through her song ”chokoza” which was a great hit in 2010 and also her love song “hello baby” featuring the Tanzanian singer ommy dimpoz which generated 1.9 million views on YouTube. Recently, she released a song called Danger, featuring Brandy Maina.

The song received less than a thousand views on YouTube a day after it was released, a clear indication that the audience did not vibe with the song which was unexpected.

The singer later left a message that read:

“Don’t worry, when I die, the songs I have done over time will trend at least for a while, maybe even get love. Never worry. Thanks for the post, the mockery, and love,”

Some people reacted to the post, and some ended up saying that she was overreacting while others said that she stays silent for a long time, therefore, losing touch with her fans thus the outcome.

It is sad how Kenyan musicians end up being forgotten if they don’t release songs back to back. They honestly need enough support and love to keep up which sadly they don’t receive.   

Avril’s message is true, and we have seen the same through musicians who have rested for instance the late benga musician John Dematthew. Their songs tend for a while after they are gone, say a week or two, and as time passes by they are forgotten and are rarely played on the airwaves.

This calls for people to show love to these musicians when they are still around, appreciate their good work at all times, and spread some positive energy now because tomorrow might be too late.


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