Kenyan National In Custody For Stabbing 8 People In India

Bad news has hit the media houses after a young man carried out a stabbing attack in India. The news has shocked many since no one thought a Kenyan national could do such an act in a foreign country.

A Kenyan Citizen is in custody after he indiscriminately stabbed 8 people. There was a misunderstanding between them, which prompted him to carry out this heinous act. He has been arrested and being detained by Indian police

The attacks were apparently carried out with a knife in South Mumbai‘s Parsi Bawdi neighborhood, which is just a short distance from the Bombay High Court.

He also tried to fight authorities who came on the scene, but was quickly outpowered

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“He attacked eight people, and the locals who were present at the time contacted the police control center, and a squad was dispatched to the scene to take control of the situation,” one officer told the reporters.

“The cause for the attack is still a mystery. We’ve taken him into custody and are questioning him.”

The defendant allegedly had a verbal disagreement with a female companion prior to the incident, which police believe may have provoked the further attacks.

Detectives are also looking into whether or not the suspect was under the influence of drugs at the time of the attacks.

All eight victims were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment, and seven of them are expected to be released shortly. This is according to the report which has been released by the authority.

Since then, detectives have been able to get CCTV evidence of the heinous attacks to aid in their investigations. He is expected to face eight counts of attempted murder.

The suspect was also rushed to hospital since he also sustained injuries during the attack.

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