Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

The Nyandarua County Assembly logo have been launched on Friday, 3rd June 2022. This was after the County Assembly Service Board decided to change the logo of the County Assembly. Another is the realization that the Assembly had come of age. Therefore, they needed to come up with an emblem that matches its status.

The meaning of the symbols and the colours in the Nyandarua county assembly is as follows:

Parliamentary mace:

This is the symbol of authority in the assembly. More so, it also depicts an institution that carries out parliamentary obligations. These include Legislation, Representation, oversight, consideration of the county government budget and other policies and vetting out our county government appointees.


The shining sun behind the mace is a symbol of hope. Similarly, hope drives us towards a better future.


It has 25 leaves representing the 25 electoral wards in the County Assembly.


This is the representation of the constitution of Kenya. Depicting emphasis on the number one mandate of the assembly legislation.

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The strapline

It encapsulates its vision, mission statement and core value. Moreover, It affirms its resolve to take resolute steps toward making Nyandarua a better place.

The meaning of the four colours in the logo are:

Green: Symbolizes abundance and agriculture as the economic mainstay in the county.

Yellow: symbolizes hospitality in Nyandarua county.

Gold: symbolizes the winning spirit in Nyandarua county.

Additionally, a list of documents was commissioned on the same day as well. They include; The Nyandarua County Assembly Brand Book, The Nyandarua County Assembly Communication, and Public and Media Relations Policy. Also the Nyandarua County Assembly Communication, Public and Media Relations Standard Operating Procedures and The Nyandarua County Assembly Community Involvement Policy.

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