Stivo Simple Boy Ex Pritty Vishy Is At It Again

Pritty Vishy popularly known for her relationship with famous musician Stivo Simple Boy has been taking over the internet lately after the two fell apart and their relationship came to an end.

According to Pritty Vishy, she and Stivo Simple Boy began as friends after the two met while shooting his music video in a theatre. They remained friends not until later around 2019 when Pritty Vishy decided to try it with Simple Boy after he became the talk of town due to his fame in the music industry.

Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex Pritty Vishy Is At It Again

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Vishy claimed to have let go alot in order to accomodate Stivo Simple Boy’s fame since the two were now in the limelight and any move the two made would be all over the internet. She fell in love with how humble Stivo was despite his fame.

It was Stivo who made the first move on Pritty and together, they began their relationship where they shared their sweet moments online of their photos and videos together.

Early this year, the two announced their break up after Pritty Vishy allegedly cheating on Stivo with “Wababaz” of whom she confidently agreed to. She said that she cheated on Simple boy with three different men two of whom were known celebrities.

Later on, Stivo got a new catch during his vacation in Mombasa and let go Pritty Vishy. Since then, the two have been living their lives separately without any signs of even getting back together.

In an interview today, Pritty Vishy has left many in shock after naming her dowry price. She has claimed that her worth currently stands at 2 million Kenya Shillings. This is the amount of money any man trying to woo her is liable of paying as her dowry. She claimed she does not want cows for her dowry.

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