“They Shamelessly Showed Up Before Me!” Brenda Jons Finally Speaks Up

Brenda Jons, popularly known as “Plesdent Kingston” has opened up about how she exposed her sexuality during a live instagram video some time back. Brenda was so bitter on her girlfriend after she allegedly cheated on her with a famous celebrity and during this time, she exposed being a confident member of the rainbow nation.

“They Shamelessly Showed Up Before Me!” Brenda Jons Finally Speaks Up

During an interview, Brenda said it was not right of her exposing it all online rather she would have kept her business to herself. She wished it never happened.

“I was on the wrong platform saying the right things to the wrong people”…

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On her reasons of getting live on Instagram and exposing her ex girlfriend bitterly, Brenda claimed to have been provoked by her ex- girlfriend who showed up together with her partner in front of her while holding hands as she was bitterly crying out to her friends about her paingul ordeal. Brenda on approaching them, they sent abusive words to her which she did not fight back.

Being over eight months since the scandal, Brenda claims to not hold any kind of beef’ with the two despite being through depression due to her fallen relationship with her ex.

However, Brenda’s ex girlfriend has been calling her trying to make up with but Brenda seemed so firm on her decision of not going back there.
On her current relationship status, Brenda claimed to be in a low key relationship which is still not confirmed but at least it is a happy relationship.
It was during rhis time that Brenda exposed having come out long time ago as a member of the rainbow nation to her family. This was way back in the year 2016. Her family already embraced this path she had choosen and her coming out last year was not a shock to any of them.

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