“We Support Ruto Because of Our Love for Money” Rigathi Shocks Kenyans with This Remarks

Rigathi Gachagua stated that money had a role in the DP breaking the deadlock in central. The Mount Kenya region had previously supported the Jubilee regime since 2013.

The Mathira MP added Ruto had a plan that would allow the people to earn more money. This prompted regional leaders to support his campaign.

~ Rigathi_Gachagua
Rigathi Gachagua

“Money is a good thing. It is the key to the heart and the breaker of the Mountain. Moreso, we in the region love money, we supported Ruto. He has a plan on how we will get the money. Additionally, anyone who has a plan on how we will get money becomes our friend,” he reiterated.

Gachagua, who is on a solo tour of the Rift Valley region, opined that the residents had not yet fully appreciated the value of money and promised to educate them while on the tour.

His comments irritated some of the Kenya Kwanza fans, claiming that the Rigathi filtered some of his remarks. Azimio, on the other hand, has condemned DP Ruto for luring Mt Kenya leaders.

Notably, this isn’t the first time the UDA presidential running mate’s comments have been questioned. A while, Gachagua surprised Kenyans when he said that votes from the Lower Eastern region would not help DP Ruto that much.

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Another statement that shocked the public was when he requested his boss to follow in the footsteps of the late Daniel Moi. He urged the president to open the Sagana State Lodge to the public. Also, he is on record saying that larger corporations should be abolished and the earnings used to support youth-owned businesses.

Gachagua has become a favorite target of Azimio supporters as a result of the gaffes. There are accusations that some leaders in the Kenya Kwanza alliance are becoming upset by the since they have to explain and clarify their running mate’s remarks about everything he talks.

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