What Does Your Favorite Sleeping Position Say About Your Health

What is your favorite Sleeping Position? Most people choose their most comfortable position as their favorite. However, people change sleeping positions due to things like illness or pregnancy. Your favorite sleeping position as well dictates how one wakes up the next morning.

Persistent neck and back pains are the major results of poor sleeping positions. It may also block the airways to the lungs, leading to respiratory problems.

Sleeping on the stomach is the most common sleeping position. This position helps reduce snoring at night. However, this position may be a source of neck and back pains. Numbness is also created due to increased pressure on the nerves.

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Sleeping on the back is another most common sleeping position. This position creates fewer back pains. However, it is not advisable for those with mild back pains to sleep in this position as it may end up worse. This also accelerates snoring at night. Pregnant women should avoid this position. Those who have heartburn should be in this position with heads slightly placed on a pillow.

Another common one is the soldier position where one lies on the back with hands down and near the body. This sleeping position is prone to snoring and restlessness.

Sleeping on the back with arms on the head (starfish position) is another sleeping position. This position is prone to snoring and other sleep difficulties.

Sleeping on the side (lateral sleeping position) may be good for people with snoring problems. Those with arthritis should not consider this sleeping position as it makes one sore. Prone to wrinkles due to pressing down if the face.

Those people who experience back pain should be on their stomach or the back to ease the pain. They should also change this position to the side to avoid back pain.

People who have heart problems should sleep on the right. This is because sleeping on the left might affect their sleep due to persistent heartbeats.

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