Young Man Surrenders 20,000 Rolls of Bhang To Church In Nyandarua

Stephen Kamau, a youth from Nyandarua county has decided to change his life by surrendering 20,000 rolls of bhang to a church in Kinangop. This has surprised many of the nyandarua’s resident.  This happened on a broad daylight as people were watching.

Speaking to the congregation, he revealed that he made a living by selling the rolls at ksh 50 each, a business he was conducting with seven of his colleagues. It is prohibited  to Sell bhang in the country by the government.  If caught smoking or selling bhang it is usually a sentence of not less than 1 year or a fine.

“Today I return 20,000 rolls of bhang. I used to sell one roll at Sh50. It all comes to Sh1 million. I don’t care about the loss I have suffered by surrendering the bhang I used to work with a team of seven, selling bhang across, but we have all decided to stop, and start afresh, I know God will come along for us.”

Reactions from the residents

This act pleased the pastor and the congregation  by the actions of Stephen who decided to stop illegal trading on his own volition. He said he has been in this illegal business for a while now. This has been his daily business and it has been a booming business.


Hundreds of parents have celebrated the news saying alot of young people in the area have been smoking and selling bhang abandoning responsible living.
They handed the bhang  to the Nyandarua police station – before it was burned in public at the Engineer stadium as proof that the young men had changed their ways, and abandoned the business.
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